Breaking Thru Barriers
Dr Kate Webster - Consultant, Trainer, Coach

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Through Dr. Kate’s interactive and dynamic key notes and professional development training, audience members gain:
  • Effective communication skills to speak up for themselves, especially in difficult interactions 
         with problematic people
  • ​Cultural competence skills to create diverse and inclusive environments
  • Empowered leadership skills to lead teams and achieve results 

Breaking Thru Barriers will work with you to:
  • Best fit each topic to your conference or professional development theme and requirement.
  • Adapt concrete tools and takeaways to audience and organizational needs.
  • Tailor program and presentation materials to event and conference room specifications.

Breaking Thru Barriers programs include:
  • 45-60 minute Keynotes, conference break-out sessions and lunch-in-learns 
  • Half-day Professional development seminars, workshops, and educational trainings
  • Full-day Professional development trainings, workshops, and continuing education trainings

​Rates vary depending on program length, audience size, and travel. Call 773-988-6964 or  email us to receive our pricing information.
Dr. Kate Webster @ Breaking Thru Barriers, Chicago, IL
Connect with Dr. Kate:

"What resonated most with me was her message of believing in yourself. Now I can see what has been holding me back."  
Ted Talk audience member 
Engaging Key Notes & Interactive Professional Development Training
Click to watch her TEDx Talk "Quiet Power"
Topics Include:​
  • Cultural Competence: Understanding Diversity & Inclusion
  • Cultural Competence: Understanding PersonFirst Language
  • Quiet Power-Being Bold, Brave, and Badass
  • Quiet Power-Managing Difficult People & Situations
  • Mindful Communication: The Key To Speaking Up
  • ​Personal Safety & Empowerment-Awareness, Assertiveness, Action
​Dr. Kate’s programs help people break free of limiting beliefs to become more comfortable dealing with difficult people and those different from themselves
Click to watch her 
Professional Development Training:  
"Mindful Communication"
“Dr. Kate’s Mindful Communication seminar is one of the better continuing education credit trainings I’ve taken in my career. She made me more aware of my impact on my patients through my communication style” 
Healthcare professional
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