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Dr Kate Webster - Consultant, Trainer, Coach

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In today’s work world, many professional women are seeking more guidance, support, and clarity as they move forward on their career paths. 

Breaking Thru Barriers' leadership coaching provides such support!

​Our inside-out form of leadership and empowerment coaching helps professional women 
break free of limiting beliefs that hold them back and guides them to find the answers themselves.

​With Breaking Thru Barriers' coaching you will be able to:
  • Improve your workplace performance, especially as you develop and deepen 
         your leadership skills 
  • Feel more confident to effectively speak up for yourself and obtain results you want
  • Gain clarity on next steps in your professional career or career transition

Dr. Kate is a certified coach within the Tiara Model for True Leadership and has received 
training through CTI-Coaching Training Institute

If you have a specific transition or life goal you are struggling to achieve, schedule a 20-minute complimentary coaching session to see how Breaking Thru Barriers’ empowerment coaching might help. 

You can contact Dr. Kate directly at 773-988-6964 or fill out the form below and she will get back to you.

Leadership Coaching
Dr. Kate’s leadership coaching helps 
individuals, groups, and team leaders transform their lives to gain the results they want
“Kate’s approach is thoughtful, direct and supportive. Her honesty forced me to challenge my own ways of thinking and recognize truths in my behaviors and relationships. She raised the bar for me but always helped me believe in myself and achieve a greater level of confidence and competence in how I communicated.”  
S. Thompson, Empowerment Coaching Client