Breaking Thru Barriers
Dr Kate Webster - Speaker, Trainer, Coach

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Connect with Dr. Kate
Dr. Kate Webster @ Breaking Thru Barriers, Chicago, IL
Connect with Dr. Kate:
Watch Dr. Kate in her TEDx Talk help audience members "Change the way you communicate and change your world."
Partial Client List
  • Rush Hospital
  • CJE SeniorLife
  • NiSource Inc.
  • Dominican University
  • Illinois Association of Occupational Health Nurses
  • Industrial Designers Society of America
  • Continuing Education Institute of Illinois
  • Prairie State College
"Dr. Kate provided an excellent training. I loved the humor! I will use a lot of what I learned and I loved that I learned that 'NO!' is a complete sentence." Participant, Day-Long Intensive Training
Dr. Kate uses wit and passion to provide insightful stories, engaging points, and concrete strategies to help participants speak up for themselves and feel good about it. 

She combines her long-standing expertise as a University professor on gender equality and social justice issues with her experiences as a self-defense instructor and 3rd degree black belt to help participants communicate authentically and transform personal and workplace relationships. 
“Dr Kate had great energy and did an excellent job engaging everyone in our large room including those in remote locations—which can be difficult to do. We would love to have her back again in the future.” IT Director, Professional Development Training Program 
Dr. Kate empowers audiences and individuals to 
confidently speak up for themselves and feel good about it!

Contact her HERE to learn more
“Dr. Kate’s presentation helped me to work on my affirmations and quiet my negative self-talk. It made me realize how much I need to quiet the outside noise so that I can listen to myself. I now can see how valuable the tools from her presentation are and how I can use them to move forward in my life.” Participant, Council of Working Women presentation
“After watching Dr. Kate’s TED talk, I wanted to say thank you. Throughout my whole college experience I have felt like I wasn't good enough and didn't belong here. Your talk gave me a massive amount of courage and inspiration. Like you said, it's going to be hard, but now I have the courage to have some confidence in myself and start believing in myself, so thank you.” TED Talk audience member, Dominican University Undergrad 
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